Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Getting started in the morning.....

Pst! It's past 11 and I've been here since 9 and I'm supposed to be working....

Work avoidance is fine when someone else is paying, but no one pays writers to cruise the internet; writers don't get overtime, and if you don't prduce books then you're not really a writer.

But what to do on mornings, like this, when life has just knocked the artistic creator out of you?

It's good to have little ceremonies that you associate with your writing, not because you need them very often, but at times like this, you need something to bring your mind away from bills, and deadlines and personal crises, and all that other stuff, and just bring you back to the book.

Here are some of the things that kick me off:

great music

a good cup of tea

notes and pictures

something that smells good

something completely different

revising previous pages

brainstorming characters, plots, emotions

and then just picking up the pen

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