Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, Last Year's Resolutions

So, sitting on the couch this New's Year's Eve, and waiting for the fireworks over Hong Kong Harbour, it occurred to me that any resolutions for 2011 - and I enjoy resolutions, or fresh starts of any kind - were to be pretty much the same as last year.

Some people might have found this despressing, but for me it was strangely compfrting. LIfe hasn't changed that much since last year, and as any novelist understands, it's rare to finish one of your projects within one year.

What also struck me - and this is perhaps more interesting - all the things that happened or were achieved that I had not planned for or even expected - and these are the more interesting things that happen in life.

2010 was a busy year in the Hill household. So busy that we barely had a moment to stop and think about our year until lunch on New Year's Eve when it struck us what a great year 2010 was. Lots of great things happened that we never expected or anticipated, and at the beginning of 2011 I have my list of resolutions in hand, but am more excited and intruiged about the things we dont expect, that will arrive before our next New Year's Even lunch.

Oh yes, and a very important date for your diary:
26th May, 2011.

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