Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UK Tour Dates

I asked my wife, What to take on a book tour? She told me a pen, ink and a spare change of underwear. And books of course! I've got my own list, and will be adding and subtracting from that in the next few hours of scrambled packing, but just time to let you know what's happening in the next few weeks.

If you're around, or it's a rainy day, and you have nothing better to do, then why not come and listen to some old english. Or indeed, the adventures of Godwin Wulfnothson. Or indeed, about that other great conquest of England, in 1016, not 1066!

Friday 27th May
2pm The Moot, Hay-on-Wye: An intimate, whiskey sipping atmosphere, sponsored by Highland Park. Who could miss that?!
4pm Elmley Foundation Theatre, Hay-on-Wye: Gripping fiction that reclaims the Saxon history of Ethelred, Edmund and Harold from the Norman conquerors by a multi-award-winning novelist. (and my last public appearance as a 39 year old, who's been sipping whiskey all afternoon...)

Tuesday 31st May
2pm Landscape and Space: Nottingham University, English Department
6.15pm The Writer in China, Nottingham University Public Lecture.

Friday 3rd June
Accessing the Medieval: Nottingham University

Saturday 4th June
12pm Waterstones Bookshop: Book Signing

Monday 6th June
St Peter's School, York

Thursday 9th June
Charlbury Primary School

Friday 10th June
7pm Corner House, Charlbury


Elvira said...

Any book signings in London Justin for us southerners.


Justin Hill said...

HI Elvira: this may be a little late, but yes, I did signings in three spots for southerners (!): Goldsboro Books, on Cecil Court by Leicester Square, Hatchards on Piccadilly, and an event in Charlbury, Oxon.