Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I start my day

The World Tonight: as they say themselves, in depth reporting and intelligent analysis of the world's news.

Intelligent analysis: isn't it sad that they have to make this clarification about their style of news.

But that's another blog entirely.

The good news is that now it's available as a podcast, meaning I can listen to it as I take the kids to school, and sweat off at the gym, which means I'll be able to concentrate more when I sit down to work.

Which, for you dear reader, means that I'll be able to write the next book even faster...! ;-)

On the publishing industry, which after music and film is the next in line for revolution with the internet, here's some thoughts from the Today programme.

Although, like so many 'news' items they manage to waffle on without saying anything practical or useful.

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