Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proofs out, first responses in

The proofs have been out for a week or so hot off the press from Little, Brown:

London, one thousand years ago: look out of your window. There are 5,000 Vikings camped in the Tate Modern , and they are not there for the Matisse exhibition. They are grimful (hostile) and geheare (hairy) , and have been stoking their courage in the meadohalle (Mead-Hall i.e. pub) . If you put your head above the wall that surrounds the City from the Tower to Ludgate you are liable to be hit by an arwe (arrow ). You are starving. There is no Pret. You are in a City under siege…

The noble warriors at Andribb, BrĂșnede have spoken…

‘Shieldwall definitely fits into the better section of Historical fiction (don’t be put off by the Anglo-Saxon terminology for place names – there’s a Glossary in the front in any case) – Justin has crafted a wonderful tale based around an unsettled time on these shores. Great characterisation, detail and historical information takes the reader back to days gone by – move over Bernard Cornwell, there’s a new author hitting the bookshelves. Can’t wait for the next book’

Andrew Edwards

‘I loved this book and couldn’t put it down once I had started it. Can’t wait for the next one’

Carol Donnelly

‘Shieldwall was a great story – I loved the father and son dynamic of Wulfnoth and Godwin and Godwin’s story of survival without his father. Godwin was one of those characters that keeps you reading because you really care about what happens to him.’

Rachel Hum

‘I love this story-telling like The Pillars of the Earth where the adventure is epic and sweeping and like CJ Sansom the historical detail is so alive that you can almost smell the world that you are reading.’

Frances Doyle

‘Shieldwall is a battle epic as vast, bulging, and ferocious as its hero. I would rate it as highly as our Sphere historical adventures, except then I might get in trouble.’

Dan Mallory

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