Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Tour Part 6: Shieldwall in London

Back in London had a very busy time coffee/lunching/dinnering with a great selection of friends.

For you, dear reader, one of the highlights was the the inaugral meal of the Historical Writer's Association (HWA) where there was a great collection of the UK's best historical novelists. For a room full of literary types, it was a very jovial, friendly and fun evening. 'So what's your period?' was the general question, and then you found yourself listening to an expert in anything from Romans (Ben Kane, Manda Scott and Tony Riches); medieval (Robyn Young); pirates (Mark Keating); 18th Century (Imogen Robertson) - and that's just a taster of who was there - severely limited by my memory.

There were signings at Hatchard's and a very interesting lunch with John Man, one of the most interesting writers on Mongolian history.

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