Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Tour Part 7: Shieldwall in Charlbury

There were hopes that I'd be on Excess Baggage again saturday morning, meanwhile I spent two nights in Charlbury - one of the most charming English market towns you could hope for, nestled in fabulous Oxfordshire countryside.

First stop was a talk to the children of Charlbury Primary School: who were one of the most enthusiastic audiences I had: with ten hands going up each time I asked for a question, and the year 6 boys at the back who asked 'Is it gory?' and when I said there were gory bits gave out a large 'YES!'

Nest morning I took advantage of a quiet morning for an eight mile stroll through ancient woodland. More very tall trees, the delightful little church just outside Charlbury, and lots of deer.

A saxon door still in the stonework:

Vicky and Ed had organised a delightful evening at the Corner House, and Jon at Evenlode Books came along and was the jolly bookseller by a large pile of Shieldwall.

Fine weather, lots of old friends, and new, and a great way to end the tour.

Hay 'paid' it's authors with a case of Cava: and so this was my contribution to the festivities:

Then it was back to London for a quick signing at Goldsboro Books,

An Ethiopian lunch at Menelik's on Caledonian Road: which looked like this and hit all the spots:

Thanks to Soph, Charles and Lara, Tara, Ed and Vics, Buz the Broadsword, Martin and Shirley for coming along, Katie and Damien, William, Isabella, Harper, May, Felix, Bella for your bedroom, Jon, Daniel, Zoe and everyone else who helped me along the way.

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